Welcome on Gérard Schleich's gallery, painter of ochres

Galerie Gérard SCHLEICH, Place de la mairie, Roussillon en Provence

Its open from April 1st till November 1st from 11 am till 7:7/7 pm

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Gérard Schleich work focuses on the development of natural pigments in abstract art, including use of ochres of Roussillon region, a small Provencal village in the Luberon. The ocher, abandoned in the early 20th century, was based rock masterpieces dating from Upper Egypt through ancient Rome. Creator of this, Gerard pays tribute to this noble material and rich cultural past of the Mediterranean.
The artist creates abstract art, raw, free from doctrine. What anime is a principle of arrangements and improvisations arising from gatherings of people, places or natural materials inspired by the melting pot of cultures that surrounds us.
The painter with brushes, fingers or objects he has made??, intentionally or unintentionally creates realistic images or elusive.
"This is an invitation to travel through time, where heat and appeasement are the adjectives most appropriate to the works of the artist"

He also developed a more figurative series, playing with acrylic called "Reflection"


You can find it on www.dje.fr



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